US Open 21-inch Youth Tennis Racket Review (Wilson)

What It Is

The US Open 21-inch Youth Racket is a 21-inch tennis racket designed for small hands. It has a very small neck to allow kids more control when hitting the tennis ball. The small neck also makes serving easier. The US Open 21-inch Youth Racket is available in red or blue.

Is It Fun?

We think this racket looks and feels more like a racquetball racket. It's a good way to introduce the basics of tennis to young kids and allow them to feel successful at hitting and serving the tennis ball as they practice their skills. Once kids get older and become more adjusted to hitting the ball, they can move on to a larger racket size.

Who It’s For

The US Open 21-inch Youth Racket is for ages 5–6. We think you could also let 3-4-year-olds use this racket, as well, but Wilson does make a 19-inch racket for kids under 5.

What To Be Aware Of

If using the US Open 21-inch Youth Racket with Wilson-branded tennis balls, it's recommended that this racket be used only with red balls.

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