Crafty Bands Jewelry Making Kit Review (Epiphany Crafts)

What It Is

Crafty Bands Jewelry Making Kit from Ephiphany Crafts lets kids craft their own customizable charm bands to wear, collect, and trade with their friends. The kit includes the shape studio tool, four bracelets, 20 bubble caps, snap charms, and adhesive dots.

Kids can use plain colorful pieces of paper to create simple color-blocked designs or go to and upload any image into the Picto-Gizmo tool to resize it to fit the charms.

Slide your design into the shape studio tool, place a bubble cap over the design, close the lid, and press down. Lift the lid, remove your design, and place an adhesive dot on the back of the charm. Stick it to the front snap of a charm. Then, place the charm on anywhere on the band and snap it into place.

Is It Fun?

Kids will like that they can custom design the charms for their Crafty Bands, making the bands feel more personalized than a traditional collectible silicone wristband. Plus, kids can also make customized charms to trade with their friends. The charms are easy to make so designs can be as simple or creative as kids want.

Who It’s For

The Crafty Bands Jewelry Making Kit is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each band holds up to five charms. Additional bands and snaps are sold separately.

Some of the charms' back snaps are difficult to snap into place so they may require some assistance.

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