Cozy Classics Pride and Prejudice Review (Simply Read Books)

What It Is

Cozy Classics Pride and Prejudice is part of a new board book series that presents well-loved stories through 12 child-friendly words and 12 needle-felted illustrations. This board book is, of course, based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice but with text and illustrations by Jack and Holman Wang. This book uses a simple one word/one image format to help babies and toddlers build vocabulary and learn everyday concepts such as body parts, emotions, animals, relationships, actions, and opposites. However, these words are organized through the context of a story, which helps children find further meaning through a growing sense of narrative. The book starts off with a picture of Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy (characters from Pride and Prejudice, if you didn't know) on one page and the word "friends" on the opposite page. Other words/pictures include "sisters" with a picture of Elizabeth and Jane, "dance" with a picture of Jane dancing with Mr. Bingley, "sick" with a picture of Jane in bed while Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy look on, and "yes" with a picture of a hopeful Mr. Darcy proposing to Elizabeth.

Is It Fun?

Parents who count Pride and Prejudice as a favorite novel will enjoy sharing the story with their young children through this board book. The needle-felted illustrations are really well done and succinctly convey the narrative arc of the story. As children get older, parents can expand on the story in more elaborate ways using the brief synopsis on the back of the book or using the words and images as prompts to invent stories of their own and encourage their children to do the same.

Who It’s For

Cozy Classics Pride and Prejudice is for ages 1–3.

What To Be Aware Of

Other books in the Cozy Classics series include Herman Melville's Moby Dick, Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, and Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. Each board book is sold separately.

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  • Read-it-Again Score

  • Fun-and-Learning

  • Cozy Classics Pride and Prejudice published by Simply Read Books
  • Written by: Jack & Holman Wang
  • Illustrated by: Jack & Holman Wang
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 1 and up