More Trucks Review (Duck Duck Moose)

What It Is

More Trucks is a collection of vehicle-themed games that are divided into four areas called scenes. Each scene is a unique game and they include; the Monster Truck game, where kids drive oversized vehicles on a changing terrain track filled with coins and obstacles, the Fire-Truck game where kids drive a fire truck to buildings that are on fire and use the trucks' hose to put the fire out, the Junk Yard game that has kids load cars onto a flatbed truck then drive them to the junk yard where the cars are crushed by a monster's foot, and finally, the Construction game has kids driving construction vehicles to build a block pile then clear it away.

Is It Fun?

Little kids love vehicles and trucks are among their favorite toy vehicles to play with. All of the games are unlocked at the start so kids are free to play any of the four scenes. The only game with locked content is the Monster Truck game, where kids can unlock up to 10 cars by collecting coins on the courses.

Who It’s For

All games are played through simple taps and swipes on the screen, which makes them accessible for kids as young as 3 and ideal for 3, 4 and young 5-year olds.

What To Be Aware Of

Two of the games – The junk yard scene and construction scene – appear to continue indefinitely with kids repeating the same scenario over and over. In both of these games there were some subtle differences, like the color and design of the cars and shapes on the construction blocks, but the game relies on kids performing the same tasks over and over without end.

More Trucks is available for iOS devices through the iTunes App Store.

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  • More Trucks from Duck Duck Moose
  • Rated EC for Early Childhood
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  • Available April 5, 2013