The Friendly Pacifier Review (First Friends)

What It Is

The Friendly Pacifier is a pacifier with a soft animal blanket attached. This combination both soothes and entertains babies. The Friendly Pacifier is available in several animal themes: pink and green monkey, blue monkey, blue bear, pink bear, blue bunny, pink bunny, blue puppy, horse, blue lamb, pink lamb, pink pig, yellow bear, brown puppy, christening lamb, snowman, and cow. Each is sold separately. The pacifier is attached to the blanket with Velcro straps, making it easy to remove so parents can wash both items separately.

Why Is It Useful?

Many parents with little ones who use pacifiers have probably lost more than a few pacifiers. The Friendly Pacifier was designed to help with that. It also helps babies who wake up looking or reaching for their pacifier to find it more easily. In addition to the loss factor, another benefit of The Friendly Pacifier is that it can help when it's time to start weaning baby off the pacifier. Parents gradually offer baby the blanket without the pacifier attached in hopes that eventually baby will find comfort in just the blanket.

Who It’s For

The Friendly Pacifier is for ages 0–6 months, which seems pretty early for weaning, but every baby is different. It's up to parents to decide when that time is right.

What To Be Aware Of

The Friendly Pacifier is available at and Babies "R" Us.

The pacifier is dishwasher-safe. The blanket can be placed in a pillow case and machine washed.

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