Art See Studio Review (WowWee)

What It Is

Art See Studio is a drawing tool designed to work with any generation iPad. The case works with the free Art See Studio app. Because this is designed for preschoolers, parents will be glad to know that the iPad fits securely inside and has a little lever that covers the home button. Before you insert the iPad, you'll want to turn off the multitasking gestures in the settings. This is essential for the app to work properly.

From the home page of the app, you'll have the chance to enter blank drawing pages, play various activities, get coloring pages, or access your photo album or collection of drawings.

To draw, touch the stylus to the screen and access the different drawing and painting tips and colors. You can also use the side of the stylus to create background patterns. Then you can use the stampers: a blue rectangle that lets kids access backgrounds, a purple star that creates different characters, and the orange rectangle creates themes. As kids draw, they can use the green arrow stamp to move the stamped characters around and the music notes stamp to hear sounds.

The four built-in activities are Odd One Out, a guessing game; Association, a matching game; Connect the Dots, exactly what it sounds like; and Symmetry, a drawing puzzle.

The coloring pages have nine different pictures to color. You can import photos to draw on, and then, of course, view all your creations.

The back of the case also has a pull-out stand to create an easel for kids to make it easier for them to use the app.

Is It Fun?

We found the app's activities to be very simple so they are good for younger children. Older children, however, will want to concentrate on drawing. At the end of the day, this is a clever app with a few glitches, and it's really a very effective drawing system.

Who It’s For

Art See Studio is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

To find the app in the Apple App Store, you have to search for "WowWee". The search for "Art See Studio" as it says in the directions came up with no results.

We think you may want to try out the Art See Studio app first just using your finger to draw and color before you purchase the Art See Studio case. The case adds play and variation, but since you can test drive it in a limited way first, you might as well.

The drawing and painting is fun, but it may be a little challenging for younger children. You have to hold the stylus so that none of your hand touches the screen because any touch will color. Younger kids who want to color in the lines on the coloring pages may find the level of manual dexterity required a little challenging.

Navigating around the app does take some time to learn. For instance, to go back to the home page, you have to access the tool menu, then touch the Art See character.

To access the parents center, parents will only have to touch the home screen with two fingers and it lets you save and share, purchase more themes and games, import photos, and change settings, which really only lets you determine if you have the plastic case.

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