ClayZee Eraser Girls 12 Color Pack Review (Aliquantum International)

What It Is

Kids can make their own erasers out of clay with the ClayZee Eraser Girls 12 Color Pack. The kit comes with 12 Eraser ClayZees colors, three tools, a blister mold, and an instruction sheet. Choose what color clay you want to use, then use the tools and blister molds to shape the clay. Kids can make a rainbow, heart, and even a diamond ring eraser. Once the eraser is the proper shape, place it in water and heat in the microwave for seven minutes. (Use a microwave-safe container for this or purchase the ClayZee Eraser Color-Indicating Curing Chamber, which is sold separately.) Once the water has cooled down, remove the eraser and it's ready to use.

Is It Fun?

These erasers look cool and work well, too. Kids will like that this kit makes it easy to create a colorful, unique, and functional eraser. These are great for sharing and trading with friends and family, too.

Who It’s For

ClayZee Eraser Girls 12 Color Pack is for ages 6 and up. Adult supervision is required.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 35 minutes to create one eraser. The instructions were easy to follow.

Ensure that the work area and clothing, carpets, and other textiles are well protected before you start.

As with all erasers, the ClayZee Erasers do wear down with use. Some kids might prefer to use the erasers, while others may want to save their creations and display them as collectibles.

The instructions say you can add googly eyes and rhinestones to your finished erasers with glue, however, googly eyes, rhinestones, and glue are not included.

Additional 12 Color Pack ClayZee Eraser kits include Fun Shapes and Stackables. There are also 6 Color Pack kits, Eraser Tops, and accessories. Each kit is sold separately.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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