Players Series 9-inch Youth T-Ball Glove Review (Rawlings)

What It Is

The Player Series 9-inch Youth T-Ball Glove is a nine-inch black and dark brown leather baseball glove for beginners. Its Basket-Web pocket makes it easier for a young child to catch a ball because the ball fits more snug inside the glove. The glove comes with a Soft Core Training Ball to practice with. If a child gets hit with this softer balll, it won't hurt as much. The glove's conventional back features a wide opening above the wrist. It also features 20 percent player break-in, meaning the glove is broken in and flexible.

Is It Fun?

For parents wanting to introduce their kids to baseball, this glove is a great way to start. We like that it's already broken-in so that parents don't have to go through the process of tying it closed and wrapping it with a rubber band. The glove is comfortable for small hands, and because it comes with a ball, kids can immediately start practicing with a game of catch.

Who It’s For

The Player Series Glove is for ages 3–5.

What To Be Aware Of

Larger sizes of the Players Series Glove are also available for older kids.

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