Click-N-Hit Auditory Swing Trainer Review (SKLZ)

What It Is

The Click-N-Hit Auditory Swing Trainer is a 30-inch bat that offers a new approach to swing training. It helps kids develop proper timing and mechanics with auditory feedback. During a proper swing, the bat will "click" at the time of contact with the ball. It also encourages the batter to take the quickest, most direct path to the ball, which translates to a more powerful swing. It comes with a booklet that shows where over the plate you should be hitting the ball.

Is It Fun?

This bat is all about teaching kids the proper way to swing a bat and learning the proper stance, using your hips, wrists, and hands correctly. This is a great training item for young baseball players.

Who It’s For

The Click-N-Hit Auditory Swing Trainer is not age-graded, but it's great for younger baseball players and older ones who want to perfect their swings. Adult supervision is recommended.

What To Be Aware Of

You can use this bat with or without a ball, but if you use a ball, make sure it weighs no more than 3.6 ounces.

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