First Team Pop-Back Tee Review (SKLZ)

What It Is

The First Team Pop-Back Tee is an adjustable height batting trainer that helps kids learn to swing level. The tee also pops back up if you hit it. The tee can be adjusted anywhere between 21 and 29 inches tall. Place a ball on the tee and swing. Even if a child hits the tee and knocks it down, the tee bounces back upright. This durable tee features a rubber home base plate and flexible neck to absorb impact. It rolls up for easy carrying and storage.

Is It Fun?

The idea behind this is to help kids improve their swing mechanics. It's great for teaching kids to do a level swing, and we like that it always pops back up to a standing position, which means less time spent setting up and more time spent on proper body positioning and hand-eye coordination.

Who It’s For

The First Team Pop-Back Tee isn't age-graded, but we think its good for young kids starting at age 3.

What To Be Aware Of

A bat and ball is sold separately, and the tee is compatible with any ball size.

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