Tooth Fairy Pillow Review (Rich Frog)

What It Is

When a child loses a tooth, he or she can present their tooth to the Tooth Fairy using the Tooth Fairy Pillow. This soft three-inch by four-inch pillow has a special pocket that closes with Velcro for kids to place their tooth and find their prize in the morning. It comes in 12 different styles: bunny, moon, dino, owl, ladybug, boy tooth, girl tooth, fairy frog, crown, butterfly, puppy, and tooth fairy. Each is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

Many families participate in the tradition of the Tooth Fairy. When a child loses a tooth, she puts it under her pillow at night and wakes up in the morning to find a surprise left behind by the Tooth Fairy in exchange for the lost tooth. Sometimes the Tooth Fairy leaves money or a little toy. This is a fun way to help kids get excited about losing a tooth and awaiting the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.

Who It’s For

The Tooth Fairy Pillow is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Parents can take pictures of their children with their toothless smiles and send them to Rich Frog for posting in the photo gallery at

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