Animal Planet’s Hide & Seek Pets Review (Cupcake Digital)

What It Is

Animal Planet's Hide & Seek Pets gives kids information about household pets through a nice variety of play areas and pet-themed interactive learning games. Kids open up the app and find a hamster wheel and six different pet-themed items. The child's job is to discover what pet is connected to each item. Tap the hamster to spin the spinner and get started. Now it's time to play Hide and Seek. Listen carefully to the cues, which are easy to read and follow along with as the narrator reads aloud. Follow the directions and unveil the pet.

The following screen is filled with interactive play. Tap any of the objects on the main screen to read and listen to an interesting animal fact. On the bottom of the page you'll see a blue bar with game icons. You'll find games for tracing, memory match, puzzles, spot the difference, counting, pattern play, and more. Each pet has a different set of activities for kids to play.

Amazingly, there is even more in Hide & Seek Pets for both kids and parents. Tap the paw at the top of each page to access coloring pages, sticker play, and a musical keyboard where you can orchestrate your pets to sing. Parents can check out the learn button to find questions to use when talking about the app with their child. Links for more information are safely tucked away in the parents' page so kids won't be distracted from the play.

Is It Fun?

Animal Planet's Hide & Seek Pets is a well-designed app for young kids to discover and play with pets. We like that there is so much content within the app and different ways for kids to play each time they open the app.

Who It’s For

Animal Planet's Hide & Seek Pets is for ages 3–6.

What To Be Aware Of

Animal Planet's Hide & Seek Pets is available to download from the Apple, Amazon, Google Play, and Nook app stores.

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  • Available on: Android and iOS
  • Available April 16, 2013