Power Tech Super Chem 120 Review (Elenco)

What It Is

Power Tech Super Chem 120 is a science kit that allows kids to perform 120 different science experiments using items found in the kitchen. The kit comes with a lot of supplies: tweezers, a measuring spoon, a funnel, a plastic base, a bubble construction kit, a colored felt pen, six plastic straws, Plasticine, a rubber band, one glass bottle of Glycerol/Glycerine, one plastic container of Gelatin, two plastic containers of sodium hydrogen carbonate, a magnifying glass, a measuring glass, one soap tablet, two soap molds, pH indicator paper, a pH scale chart, a plastic tube, two balloons, an eye dropper, a magnet, a thermometer, one plastic container of Calcium Carbonate/lime stones, string, a test tube rack, three glass test tubes, color filters, and an instruction booklet. Most experiments require additional supplies that you probably already have, but it helps to read through your chosen experiment before starting to make sure you have all the extra supplies needed. Following the instructions in the booklet, kids will make a gas cannon, find iron in cereal, test the pH of water, remove an egg's shell without touching it, make perfume, perform a balloon trick, make bubble art, and more.

Is It Fun?

There are so many different experiments in this kit, from easy to more in-depth. Kids don't have to be science whizzes in order to do the experiments, either. These experiments are designed to be easy for kids to do using common household items. And in the end, kids might find that science can be fun.

Who It’s For

Power Tech Super Chem 120 is for ages 10 and up. Adult supervision is required.

What To Be Aware Of

Some of the measurements use the metric system. Kids in the U.S. will need to ask an adult or look up the conversions online.

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