The Simpsons Tapped Out Review (EA Mobile)

What It Is

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a city-building game in which you have to build the Simpson's home town of Springfield. All of the characters from the animated TV series are in the game but you have to unlock them by building Springfield's recognizable landmarks and structures.

The game opens with Homer at work in the nuclear power plant, where he accidentally causes a meltdown that wipes out Springfield and causes the inhabitants to disappear. You then have to rebuild Springfield one building at a time and every time a familiar building is completed, a character reappears in town.

Is It Fun?

Each character has a list of specific jobs that are all highly entertaining and reward you with money and XP points when completed. Jobs include making Homer lounge in the kiddie pool, having Ned Flanders condemn science, making Apu feed the octuplets, making Cletus dig through garbage or have Krusty the Clown walk the smoking monkey - Mr. Teeny.

Missions vary in time and can last anywhere from a few seconds to several days. These missions are in real-rime but you can speed them up by spending donuts. Donuts are the hardest thing to come by in the game and are also the most valuable. In addition to receiving them as occasional rewards, you can also purchase them as an In-App Purchase for real money.

You can rebuild Springfield however you want and can put the Kwike Mart next to Springfield Elementary or try to rebuild the town as close to what you think the town from the animated series is like. As you add more buildings, you can move the existing structures around and can increase the size of the playable area.

Who It’s For

This is a great game for Simpson's fans of all ages, including kids and adults. The game's humor is taken right from the TV show and there are even character updates and missions that are created to run alongside the latest Sunday night episodes

What To Be Aware Of

As we mentioned earlier, donuts are used as currency in the game and are hard to find unless you purchase them with real money. For that reason, make sure that if you let a child or anyone else play this game on your device or using your app store account, that you have your device set up to require a password to complete any purchases. If not, you might end up with thousands of dollars in fees for someone else purchasing all the donuts they want.

Each day, you can visit a friend's Springfield and tap up to three buildings to collect rewards. You will need to sign-up for/log into a free Origin account, and EA will give you two free Donuts for doing this.

Tapped Out has been available for iOS devices since last year and is now available for Android devices.

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  • The Simpsons Tapped Out from EA Mobile
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  • Rated EC for Early Childhood
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  • Available February 6, 2013