Everbearing Strawberry Hydro-Dome Review (DuneCraft)

What It Is

Kids can create their own hydroponic garden and grow strawberry plants from seed with the Everbearing Strawberry Hydro-Dome. Kids grow the plants in rock-wool net pots, which suspend the plants in the air at what DuneCraft says is the perfect height for maximum nutrition and aeration. The complete kit comes with everything kids need, including a sprouting and growing dome, a hydroponic rack, a hydro-pump, four net pots, four rock-wool cubes, a pack of strawberry seeds, three color decals, a 1.5-ounce bag of Part A nutrient, a 1.5-ounce bag of Part B nutrient, a nutrient scoop, and instructions.

Is It Fun?

While it is very easy to get the Strawberry Hydro-Dome started, results do not come easily. The plants sprout in about one week, but it takes months for the strawberries to grow. We grew our plant for five months and only had leafy greens instead of red berries to show for it.

The set needs a lot of attention when it comes to helping the strawberries grow. Each week you need to change the water in the hydro-dome, adding more of the plant food, and each day it's recommended that you use the hydro-pump to add oxygen to the water. Some kids might be really good at remembering to do all of this, while others might find the tasks tedious, especially if they're not seeing results.

Who It’s For

The Everbearing Strawberry Hydro-Dome is for ages 12 and up. Adult supervision is required.

What To Be Aware Of

For best results, DuneCraft recommends placing your hydro-dome in bright light.

While the assembly is easy, the level of care required is demanding.

However, the set never produced results, and certainly never looked like the picture on the package. If you're looking to teach kids about plants and gardening, there are other better options, including many from your local garden center. Kids will likely get frustrated with the lack of results.

The rock-wool and net pots can be re-used to grow other seeds and cuttings. Additional rock-wool cubes, nutrient packs, and other supplies can be purchased separately from DuneCraft.

The plant food can be harmful if misused. Keep the plant food away from eyes and bare hands and do not ingest it.

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