Sizzlin’ Cool X2O Drenchinator Review (Toys R Us)

What It Is

The 30-inch Sizzlin' Cool X20 Drenchinator holds 50 ounces of water in its easy-fill water compartment. You can fill it using a water bottle, faucet, or hose. It features a control blast nozzle for three different spray options. This pump-action blaster also has realistic battle action, such as a fold-out site and fold-down legs in case kids want to shoot water from the ground. The blaster also comes with a shoulder strap.

Is It Fun?

The X20 Drenchinator is a fun armament for a water battle. Kids will like the blaster's large water capacity and the three different water blasting options.

Who It’s For

The Sizzlin' Cool X20 Drenchinator is for ages 6 and up. We think this will appeal more to older kids, primarily because it's heavy and the balance is a bit off. An older kid will have the strength and stability to work that a little better.

What To Be Aware Of

This pump-action water blaster takes a lot of effort to pump. It also leaks—a lot.

The balance issue is really one to consider for younger kids. Younger kids tend to like big water blasters, but this one may be cumbersome for them. There is a shoulder strap, but wearing it and blasting is awkward.

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