Shoulder Buddies Book & Buddy Combo Review (The Bridge Direct)

What It Is

Shoulder Buddies are three-inch collectible characters kids can wear on their shoulders to interact with as if a friend is sitting right there. Now kids can learn more about Shoulder Buddies characters with the Shoulder Buddies Book & Buddy Combo. This set comes with a Shoulder Buddy of either Breezee or Biffle, a magnetic coin, a Smarts collector card, and the book Breezee & Biffle's Journey to the School of Smarts. In the 26-page book, written by Jeaneen Muller & Joyce Dohm, readers travel to The Land of Understand where Breezee and Biffle live. They plan to go to the School of Smarts and earn their Fluffles so they can fly. The two Shoulder Buddies help each other discover which Smart is right for them.

The included Shoulder Buddies can be worn just like the original Shoulder Buddies. Put the magnetic coin inside of your shirt sleeve and hold it in place. Position the Shoulder Buddy outside the shirt, directly over the coin. The connection between the toy and the magnet under a shirt is what holds the Shoulder Buddy in place.

Is It Fun?

Shoulder Buddies are intended to be more than just cute little characters for kids to wear around on their shoulders. As kids collect and play with Shoulder Buddies, they are introduced to a range of important life lessons, from friendship to fire safety. Even more of those life lessons are introduced in Breezee & Biffle's Journey to the School of Smarts. Kids will enjoy reading the story and playing it out with the Breezee and Biffle Shoulder Buddies.

Who It’s For

The Shoulder Buddies Book & Buddy Combo is for ages 4 and up. Adults will have to read the book to younger kids.

What To Be Aware Of

If you don't want the Shoulder Buddies, you can purchase the book separately for $5.99.

The magnets in Shoulder Buddies and the coins are inaccessible. However, the coins should be kept away from younger children.

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