Craft Candy Color your own ... Gemstone Jewelry Review (RoseArt)

What It Is

With Craft Candy Color your own . . . Gemstone Jewelry, kids can express their personal style by decorating five fashionable jewelry pendants. Kids use the three gem pens (blue, purple, and pink), three necklace cords, three necklace charms, heart-shaped ring, and two-piece heart bracelet to create five pieces of jewelry that kids can really wear. Choose the jewelry piece you want to decorate and a gem pen. Carefully squeeze the gem pen tube to add color to the jewelry piece. When finished, set the jewelry aside on a flat surface and allow it to completely dry, about one hour, before wearing. If you're making a necklace, string the jewelry onto a necklace cord and tie the ends of the cord into a double knot to keep the jewelry secure. Then it's time to wear it!

Is It Fun?

The Craft Candy Color your own . . . Gemstone Jewelry kit gives kids a hands-on way to design their own jewelry. Kids will love creating unique jewelry pieces that they can actually wear.

Who It’s For

The Gemstone Jewelry kit is for ages 6 and up. It will appeal to kids who like arts and crafts toys and have an interest in making and wearing jewelry.

What To Be Aware Of

This product is available at Rite Aid stores.

Adult supervision is recommended.

When using the gem pens, be careful not to squeeze the pens until you are ready to decorate the jewelry piece. Keep the gem pens away from materials that cannot be laundered. The gem pen ink may stain.

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