Cord Bling Review (Cord Bling)

What It Is

Cord Bling is a way for music lovers to accessorize their earbud cords. These accessories also serve as a cord wrap. Most earbuds come with black or white cords. With Cord Bling, kids can dress up their earbuds and switch them out as often as they like. Just slide the Cord Bling onto the cord. Twist the insert to lock the piece in place. Each Cord Bling has a plastic shell on the outside that is printed with different designs and messages on the front and back. The Cord Blings can be positioned anywhere on the cord, and kids can collect and stack as many as they want.

To wrap the cord around the Cord Bling, untwist the insert to loosen it and slide the Cord Bling to the top of the earbuds. Tightly wrap the cord around the Cord Bling, and tuck the plug under the cord or shove the plug into the other end of the Cord Bling insert. This will prevent the cord from tangling when not in use.

Is It Fun?

With so many Cord Blings to collect, kids will be able to express themselves through these fun accessories. Cord Bling lets kids personalize earbuds so a basic and bland item turns into an individualized music accessory.

Who It’s For

Cord Bling is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

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