Kin Pal Review (Kin Pal)

What It Is

Kin Pal is an 18-inch stuffed animal that looks like a hound dog. When you lift up its floppy ears, you'll find clear pockets for holding 4x6 photos. Kin Pal was developed to help children connect to long-distance relatives and friends. While kids play with Kin Pal, they will also be able to see pictures of familiar faces. Kids can play peek-a-boo, and parents can also put flashcards in the ears to turn Kin Pal into an educational toy. The photos fit snugly inside the plastic pockets so that they won't fall out, but they can easily be removed if you want to switch pictures.

Is It Fun?

This large, soft stuffed animal is cute and cuddly. Kids will like being able to see a picture of a loved one whenever they lift up the ears. This makes a nice gift between long-distance friends and family members.

Who It’s For

Kin Pal is for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Kin Pal is available at The hound dog is the only Kin Pal available, but additional Kin Pal animals are expected to be released.

Kin Pals are meant to be played with and eventually your pictures will need to be replaced. It is not recommended that you keep irreplaceable photos in your Kin Pal. It is recommended that you keep the cards that came in your Kin Pal's ears behind your photos to increase their durability.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy