Cutie Pops Swirly Brights Chiffon Review (Jada Toys)

What It Is

Chiffon is the newest Cutie Pops doll, part of the Cutie Pops Swirly Brights line. This doll comes with eight Style Pops that snap into all of the heart-shaped places on the doll. The doll's sparkly jumpsuit can also be removed, and the two hair pieces pop off and on so kids can change the doll's hairstyle. There are other dolls in the Cutie Pops Swirly Brights line, and their clothes and Style Pops can be mixed and matched with Chiffon's. The set also includes a comb.

Is It Fun?

Glitter and color really appeal to kids at this age. It's very easy to change the Style Pops, hair, and dress. Where little fingers can often struggle with changing fashions and especially hair, Cutie Pops Swirly Brights Chiffon makes it easy for little ones to do quickly and easily.

Who It’s For

Cutie Pops Swirly Brights Chiffon is for ages 4 and up. This is great for girls at this age since the changing is very easy and appropriate for the level of fine motor skills at this age. Kids who also love changing the fashions and looks of their dolls will get a kick out of Chiffon.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Cutie Pops Swirly Brights dolls include Tangerine and Magenta. Each is sold separately.

As with any toy with small parts, be sure to keep the pieces away from children 3 and under.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy