LaserLuge Review (Coop)

What It Is

The LaserLuge sled lets kids slide down snow-covered hills just like Olympic luge athletes. (In fact, Coop says that the LaserLuge was designed in consultation with the Canadian National Luge Team.) It is made of polyethylene plastic and has a molded brake scoop that grabs snow, giving maximum stability. At 10 pounds, it is lightweight and compact to make it easy for kids to carry back up the hill. The steering rein doubles as a tow rope.

To ride the LaserLuge, lie on your back or sit with your legs or shins alongside the runners at the front. Your feet should not touch the ground. If you're lying back, hold your head up so you can always see where you're going. Keep your body in a straight line for best performance. Hold the steering rein at the center of your body at all times.

To turn right, press on the left runner with your left leg or shin, pushing toward the right and down. To turn left, press on the right runner with your right leg or shin, pushing toward the left and down. You can also use the steering rein to turn in conjunction with your legs.

To brake, if you're lying back, sit up and drop your feet onto the snow, heels first. Then lean back, grasping the back end of the seat with one hand while pulling up on the rein with the other. There is a built-in snow scoop on the underside of the seat that quickly fills with snow to help slow you down.

The LaserLuge is for one rider only.

Is It Fun?

The LaserLuge is a fun new way for kids to go sledding. The LaserLuge gives kids more control than a traditional sled while still offering a fun and fast ride. Kids will like pretending to be professional luge racers on their very own luge.

There is a learning curve to using the LaserLuge. Coop recommends that you practice steering and braking the LaserLuge on small hills until they become natural moves. After all, world-class luge racers often spend twice as much time practicing on their parked sleds as they do on the hill.

Who It’s For

The Coop LaserLuge is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The LaserLuge is 47.5 inches long and 18.5 inches wide.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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