Sno-Stompers Review (Poof)

What It Is

Kids can leave tracks in the snow with Sno-Stompers. The green Stompers let kids leave dino tracks, while the blue and pink Stompers let kids leave behind bear tracks. Each pair of Sno-Stompers is sold separately. The Sno-Stompers fit over boots and shoes. To wear, unbuckle the heels straps and loosen the top two straps. Place the Sno-Stompers in the snow. Insert your boots under the top two straps and pull them tight. Buckle the heel straps over your heels and tighten. Then stomp around in the snow.

Is It Fun?

Kids love playing outside in the snow, and with Sno-Stompers, they can pretend to be animals in the wild leaving behind footprints in the snow. The Sno-Stompers are easy to take on and off and could also be used during summertime for making footprints in the sand.

Who It’s For

Sno-Stompers are for ages 5 and up. The Sno-Stompers fit boots and shoes up to size 5.

What To Be Aware Of

Put Sno-Stompers on when you are outside and not in the house. Stomp only on snow when wearing Sno-Stompers. Do not climb stairs, walk on ice or other smooth surfaces, or run while wearing Sno-Stompers.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy