Team Ten Small Plush Numbers Review (NumbersAlive!)

What It Is

Learning about numbers and math can be engaging and fun with the NumbersAlive! program, created by Dr. Rebecca Klemm, aka The Numbers Lady. The program's mission is to improve global numerical literacy by instilling a joy of numbers through fun and friendly number characters, called Team Ten. Team Ten, led by Zero the Hero, accompanies The Numbers Lady and children on education quests. They discover numerical applications and develop concepts of the scientific method. The NumbersAlive! program includes educational toys, books, and out-of-school activities and programming.

The Team Ten characters come to life through a variety of stuffed toys, including Team Ten Small Plush Numbers. Each of the numbers, 1–10, comes with a backpack that has clear plastic pouches for storing the soft numbers. The numbers also have magnets inside of them so that kids can stick the numbers together or hung from a metal mobile. The backpacks are available in green, red, or black.

Is It Fun?

There are no instructions with this item, so kids can get creative and play however they want. The idea behind the Team Ten Small Plush Numbers is to make it fun for young kids to learn numbers, but it will have to be parent-led or open-ended creative play, which may not be related to numeric concepts.

Who It’s For

Team Ten Small Plush Numbers is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

While the company promotes that kids can play anyway they want, young kids without a contextual understand of numbers will just have a very expensive, plush toy to play with. For this to be an effective learning tool, parent and caregivers need to be actively involved in communicating numbers concepts and devising ways for kids to reinforce those in a play setting.

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