PBS Kids Snow Explosions Review (Be Amazing Toys)

What It Is

With the PBS Kids Snow Explosions science kit, kids can perform more than 20 activities, including making fake snow and growing "ice". The kit comes with Insta-Snow Powder, Fake Ice, four "young scientist" cards, two two-ounce cups, a Petri dish, a plastic scoop, a baby soda bottle with cap, a pipette, and instructions. Each activity uses the scientific method and provides a detailed explanation of the science behind the experiment as well as ideas for extending the experiment. The "young scientist" cards use simple words and illustrations to help kids develop a complete understanding of the experiment and make sure they are able to ask questions and form conclusions.

Is It Fun?

This kit provides a fun and safe way for young kids to become scientists. The experiments are fun and hands-on, and the results are cool to watch. This coupled with the science explanations and extra experiment suggestions keeps kids engaged, guessing, and learning.

This science kit may be geared toward kids, but it’s also designed for adult participation. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers are encouraged to do the experiments with the child, encouraging kids to ask questions and observe the world around them.

Who It’s For

The PBS Kids Snow Explosions kit is for ages 4 and up. Adult supervision and participation is required. All activities can be modified to meet each child's abilities and backgrounds.

This will appeal most to kids who are intrigued by science and have the patience and curiosity to conduct the experiments.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional supplies needed for the Snow Explosions kit are: an eight-ounce to 12-ounce clear plastic cup, a 20-ounce clear plastic container, three to four liquid food colors, a cookie sheet or similar tray, paper towels, a supply of room temperature water (distilled water is ideal), a shoebox-sized plastic container, a piece of plain paper (darker is better), and a hand lens or other magnifier.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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