Touchy Feely Review (Marbles Brain Workshop)

What It Is

Touchy Feely is a game where players get in touch with their feelings. Not the emotional feelings, though; the other feelings, called "stereognosis" or the ability to recognize and perceive objects through texture, size, spatial properties, and temperature.

To play Touchy Feely, draw a card, then reach into the nylon Tube of Touch to find the object shown on the card. You can only use your sense of touch to identify the object. There are four ways to play. The goal of Batch Match is to match four objects at a time with their corresponding cards. The goal of Speedy Feely is to have the most cards at the end of 60 seconds by quickly finding the object that matches the card. A single player can improve his or her skills by playing Hand Solo. (We think the Star Wars pun is intentional.) And you can also add items from your own home to the Tube of Touch.

The game comes with a Tube of Touch, 36 playing cards, a 60-second timer, and 26 Touchy Feely Trinkets: Big Ben, bone, button, car, cork, crab, die, eagle ray, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, football, Koosh ball, Leaning Tower of Pisa, letter block, octopus, porcupine ball, rabbit's foot, rat, rubber ducky, sea lion, sea turtle, spring, starfish, Statue of Liberty, tennis ball, and tire. The game is for one to two players.

Is It Fun?

The gameplay of Touchy Feely sounds easy enough, but identifying something based exclusively on tactile perception is more challenging than you'd think. This is a clever and fun game for kids, who will like all the different objects included with the game, and it's also engaging for older players and adults. Touchy Feely is a game that will engage brain areas involved in tactile perception and memory.

Who It’s For

Touchy Feely is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Marbles Brain Workshop says it consulted with two occupational therapists to develop the game and used the therapists' insights to select the 26 objects for their unique tactile and sensory stimulating characteristics.

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