A Girl for All Time-Matilda Review (Daughters of History)

What It Is

A Girl for All Time dolls are the British equivalent of American Girl dolls. Each of the dolls in the line tells a story about important time periods in British history, starting with Matilda Marchmont, a Tudor girl from the 1500s, and going through the present day. The other doll characters are all related to Matilda in the fictional Marchmont family. Now these dolls are available to purchase in the U.S.

Matilda takes kids into the world of Henry the XIII. As kids will discover through a storybook called Matilda's Secret (sold separately for $9.99), 13-year-old country girl Matilda is sent to court as a lady in waiting and spy to help further her cousin Katherine Howard's marriage chances with King Henry.

The 16-inch Matilda doll is made from high-quality, durable vinyl with articulated elbows and knees. The doll comes dressed in a historically inspired costume of grey velvet with a plum kirtle, period underwear, and petticoat. Court shoes, a key necklace, and headdress are also included. The doll also comes with a booklet that tells a little about Matilda's life. The doll retails for $134.99. Additional clothing, such as a velvet cloak, masked ballgown, and night shift, are available and sold separately.

For kids who want to immerse themselves even further into the Tudor world, there is Matilda's Keepsakes and Secrets (sold separately for $14.95), a book that brings the past into the present through a range of activities. Kids can learn to braid hair, make sweet treats that Matilda would have eaten, make their own family tree, design a dress for Matilda, create secret codes, and learn trivia about the Tudor time period.

Is It Fun?

The Matilda doll is beautiful and so are her historically accurate clothes. Kids will like playing out the storyline from the novel or creating new adventures for Matilda. And they'll also like that the activity book gives them ways to play along and be part of Matilda's Tudor life. We like how this new doll line introduces kids to real events in history through an engaging novel, fun activity book, and a beautiful, collectible doll.

Who It’s For

A Girl for All Time—Matilda is for ages 6 and up. The novel and activity book might be more appropriate for kids 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

A Girl for All Time dolls can be purchased at www.agirlforalltime.us.

The recipes in the Matilda's Keepsakes and Secrets book are written for a British audience. Unless you own a food scale, you'll need to be able to convert grams to cups/tablespoons. For instance, 500 grams of flour is about two cups.

The next doll in the A Girl for All Time line is Amelia, a Victorian girl, who is a multi-great-granddaughter of Matilda. Three extra outfits for the Amelia doll and a novel are also available.

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