Table Topics Review (Ruby Mine)

What It Is

Table Topics is all about starting meaningful conversations. There are a variety of Table Topics themes, and each theme contains 135 cards with one conversation starter question on each. For example, "What's the nicest thing you've ever done for someone?", "What's the best thing to mix into ice cream?", and "If you had to compete in an eating contest, what food would you choose to consume?" The cards can be used around the dinner table, at parties, on road trips, or wherever.

Table Topics themes include Original, Family, Happiness, Dinner Party, Family Gathering, What Would You Do, Slumber Party, and Teen. All of the cards come in a plastic cube container. Each is sold separately and retails for $25.

If you want to bring the cards on the go, there are Table Topics To Go versions of 40 question cards that easily slip into your glovebox, purse, or suitcase. Table Topics To Go themes include Reality Check, Travel, Kids, Road Trip, and New Years. Each is sold separately and retails for $9.

This is not a game per se, but it can be approached as such depending on who's involved in the activity.

Is It Fun?

Table Topics is a fun way to start conversations with people you don't know that well and people you do. Through answering these themed questions, you might learn something about your friends and family members that you hadn't known before.

However, don't be surprised if some people are resistant to having conversation virtually foisted on them. This isn't a very natural way to play, and since it isn't a game, some people may wonder what the point is.

Who It’s For

Each Table Topic theme is geared toward a different age range. Family, Family Gathering, and Road Trip are for all ages. Kids is for ages 6 and up. Travel is for ages 10 and up. Original, Happiness, Dinner Party, and Reality Check are for ages 12 and up. What Would You Do, Teen, and New Years are for ages 13 and up. Slumber Party is for ages 7–10.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Table Topics card themes for ages 18 and up or 21 and up are also available.

Table Topics is available online at and in specialty stores nationwide.

Given how expensive these are, we're not convinced that people can't come up with their own topics for conversation.

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