Style Me Up! Magnifying Jeweller Station Review (Wooky Entertainment)

What It Is

Style Me Up! is a fashion brand for tween girls founded on the notion of "do it yourself". With the brand's craft kits, designer sketchbooks, creative cosmetics, and more, kids can express themselves with style.

With the Magnifying Jeweller Station, kids use rhinestones to decorate pendants. The kit comes with a magnifying station, a gem pen with two refill tips, seven pendants, a wheel of rhinestones in seven colors, four ribbons, four metal chains, jewelry glue, and instructions.

Choose a pendant and place it on the jewel adaptor pin on the magnifying station. Spread your gems in the gem tray and shake it a little so that the gems fall into place, colored side up. You can adjust the magnifying glass position as well as the position of the pendant as you work. Put a little drop of glue in the holes of the pendant. Pick up a gem by touching it with the gem pen and place the gem in the glue. Once the pendant is finished, remove it and the jewel adaptor pin from the magnifying station and place it in one of the drawer slots to dry for at least one day. Once dry, you can attach a pendant hook onto your pendant and string either ribbon or a chain through the hook to wear your pendant.

Is It Fun?

The Style Me Up! Magnifying Jeweller Station is an easy and fun activity for kids who like to make and wear their own jewelry. This kit lets kids express themselves through hands-on creativity, while adding a personal touch to their creations.

Who It’s For

The Magnifying Jeweller Station is for ages 8 and up.

It will most appeal to kids who love to do crafts and have the patience and fine motor skills to work with the small gems.

What To Be Aware Of

Pendant refill packs are available and sold separately.

The magnifying glass is supposed to help you see better as you work, but we found it difficult to see through the magnifying glass and preferred not to use it.

It's a little difficult to remove the pendant and place it into one of the drawer slots without messing up the gems. Be careful when you pop the jewel adaptor pin out of the magnifying station. You might want to use tongs to hold and lower the pendant into the drawer.

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