ThunderCats Review (Bandai Namco Games)

What It Is

ThunderCats is inspired by the new animated series that premiered on Cartoon Network in 2011 based on the now-classic 1980s series and toy line. Although the future of this rebooted series is in question, Namco Bandai has released the game, which features Lion-O along with the rest of the ThunderCats and, of course, Mumm-Ra!

You play as Lion-O in a classic, side-scrolling adventure game. The object is to run through each level with the Sword of Omens, slashing and battling enemies as you work your way to Mumm-Ra.

While battling through each screen, there are two bars in the upper left corner of the screen. The top bar is your health meter – run out of health and the game is over. Luckily, there is a fairly decent amount of food scattered through the game to regain depleted health. The lower bar is a power-up meter that, when fully charged, allows you to unleash a special weapon. One of those weapons is the full power of the Sword of Omens, which you start off with at the beginning of the game. After completing each level, a ThunderCats will be unlocked as an additional special weapon. You access all these power ups on the DS’ Touch Screen.

Is It Fun?

The game is fun because it’s simple as most classic side-scroll games are.

Kids will be pleased with the ability to regain health fairly easily, which minimizes frustration. They’ll also enjoy gaining power as they acquire new weapons and powers.

Who It’s For

Based on its difficulty, this game will be best for tween and teen ThunderCats fans. (And, of course, adults who remember the series from their childhoods.) The classic side-scroll style and retro graphics appearance will also appeal to older gamers. Kids under 8 are probably going to find the game a little too challenging.

As far as the content, there isn’t anything in the game that you wouldn’t see in the animated series.

What To Be Aware Of

Unless I’m missing something, there is no way to save a game, and every time you play, you have to start at the original start point.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Learning Curve

  • ThunderCats from Bandai Namco Games
  • Rated EC for Early Childhood
  • Available on: Nintendo DS
  • Available October 30, 2012