Rise of the Guardians Review (D3)

What It Is

Rise Of The Guardians is the video game based on the DreamWorks movie of the same name. The game is not the typical movie tie-in game that has you playing through the movie. Instead, this is a game with the characters from the movie that captures its spirit while giving players a new take on the movie’s story.

The game lets players play as each of the five Guardians – North (aka Santa Claus), Tooth (aka Tooth Fairy), Bunnymund (aka Easter Bunny), Sandy (aka The Sandman) and Jack Frost – in a battle against the villain, Pitch, and his shadowy minions. It’s a third-person shooter, adventure game that anywhere from one to four people can play.

Is It Fun?

A single player can play as each Guardian and switch between them at any time during the game. This is fun because you get to take control of each Guardians’ unique abilities and weapons. Regardless of which Guardian you play as, the other four are always on screen and will continue playing under the AI’s control.

What I really love about this game is the co-op mode. A second (third or fourth) player can join the game at any time by taking over control (from the AI) of one of the Guardians. The additional players can also drop out whenever they want without pausing the game. I like games with this drop in and out feature for games that I play with my nephews because I can play a level or two with them then leave without interrupting the game.

Who It’s For

Even without seeing the movie, that doesn’t seem to be detracting from the enjoyment of the game. However, fans of the movie, will probably like the game even more.

The game isn’t very difficult but kids younger than 7 might find it a little too challenging so we’re recommending this one for kids around 7 and up. Even some teens will enjoy Guardians because of the advanced leveling up feature that lets you choose how to level up each Guardians various skills and abilities.

What To Be Aware Of

Having five characters on the screen at the same time gets a little hectic when fighting off an army of enemies and players might have a hard time seeing exactly what they are doing. This problem will be especially annoying on a small (32” or less) TV screen.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Learning Curve

  • Rise of the Guardians from D3
  • Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and up
  • Available on: Nintendo 3DSNintendo DSNintendo WiiNintendo Wii UPlaystation 3Xbox 360
  • Available November 20, 2012