Halo Flood Seige Review (MEGA Bloks)

What It Is

The Halo Flood Siege building set brings the Halo video game series to life. In this 426-piece set, kids build a UNSC outpost with a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon that the Flood has just gained control of. Two UNSC Covert Ops Spartans have slipped into the base on their Mongoose undetected to try to reclaim the compound. The set comes with two UNSC stealth figures, Spartan Air Assault and Spartan Grenadier, and two Flood Combat figures. Accessories and weapons include an assault rifle, an M247H machine gun, a Grenadier backpack, and two plasma rifles.

Is It Fun?

This detail in this building set makes it great for Halo fans and collectors who will want to build and display it. But there's a lot of playability in the set for kids who will want to create all kinds of battles between the UNSC Spartans and the Flood.

Who It’s For

The Halo Flood Siege building set is for ages 8 and up. Naturally, it will appeal most to fans of the Halo video game.

The Halo video games are rated Mature (17 and older) due to violence. While there is nothing of that nature in this building set, some parents may find a Halo building set inappropriate for their children.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us one hour to build this set. No matter how long it takes you to build, remember that building is part of the fun and play.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy