Angry Birds Splat Strike Review (Tech 4 Kids)

What It Is

Angry Birds Splat Strike is a sling-shot shooting action game. Hang the Strike Zone target poster on a wall using the three included suction cups. Hook the sticky red bird on the Splat Launcher. Then stretch, aim, and shoot the bird at the poster. The poster has images of pigs on it, and each pig is worth a different point amount if you hit it. Kids can determine the number of points they want to play to, and the player who reaches that point amount first wins. Angry Birds Splat Strike comes with a Splat Launcher, three sticky red bird shots, and a hanging Strike Zone target poster.

Is It Fun?

Angry Birds Splat Strike brings the sling-shot action of the app game into the physical world. Like the app game, there is a learning curve when it comes to slinging the sticky red bird at the target poster. But that's all part of the play.

Who It’s For

Angry Birds Splat Strike is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

To clean the sticky red birds, just wipe off with warm water.

We had a bit of trouble getting our poster to stick to the wall. It depends on the type of paint you have. We have a flat paint, and the suction cups would not stick to the wall. However, they did stick to the metal doors we have. You can supplement by using a piece of tape on the top and sides of the poster to keep it on the wall.

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