Project Runway Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio Review (Fashion Angels)

What It Is

Project Runway contestants create outfits for all sorts of crazy challenges, but before they make the garments, the designers sketch them. Fans of the show who want to create their own fashions can sketch out their designs with the Project Runway Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio. It comes with 40 sketch sheets, seven stencil sheets, 10 colored pencils, four pencil grips, a pencil sharpener, and instructions. Pick a drawing page and use one of the removable plastic stencils to trace a shape right onto the blank outlines of the models. Kids can trace dresses, shoes, skirts, tops, pants, and accessories. Then color in the picture with the colored pencils.

Is It Fun?

The Project Runway Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio gives kids the chance to design their own outfits and accessories. Because kids are tracing the clothing and accessories, the results are a little more polished than if kids were drawing freehand, so the creative process can be more satisfying. Kids who are interested in fashion will like how easy it is to draw and design the fashions with this kit.

Who It’s For

The Project Runway Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio Set is for ages 8 and up. It will most likely appeal to Project Runway fans and kids who are interested in fashion.

What To Be Aware Of

Fashion Angels Enterprises calls the coloring utensils colored pencils, but they felt more like chalk and colored more like crayons.

The colored pencil grips are meant to make it easier for kids to hold the colored pencils and keep them from getting onto your skin as you work. However, using the grips was awkward, and we still had to wash our hands when we were done.

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