Wangle Review (Jesse James Games)

What It Is

Wangle is a fast-paced, easy-to-play game that starts off as a simplified version of Gin Rummy, using cards with playful themes and illustrations. In a twist, plastic sticks, called Wangle sticks, must be snatched from the center of the table as soon as the player with a winning hand grabs one.

To start, place the Wangle sticks in the center of the playing area. There should be one less stick than the number of players. Each player receives five cards. The cards are organized by themes, such as baseball, outdoors, and winter. Then the dealer draws a card from the top of the remaining card deck. He can keep the card and discard a different card to the player on his left or pass the drawn card to the next player. The next player can either keep the card given to him and discard another card to the player on his left or pass the dealer's card to the next player. This repeats with each player. The last player discards to a discard pile. Meanwhile, the dealer continues to draw cards off the top of the deck, drawing and discarding as fast as possible. The first player to get four of a kind or a run of five in the same suit sneaks a Wangle stick from the table and continues to play the game as though nothing has happened. Once the first stick is taken, the remaining sticks are up for grabs regardless of the hand the remaining players have. When no more Wangle sticks remain on the table, the round ends.

The player who builds the first hand and sneaks the first Wangle stick scores 100 points. All other players who grabbed a Wangle stick score 50 points. The player who did not grab a Wangle stick scores zero points. The player with the highest score after five rounds wins.

The game includes 120 cards, a quick reference guide, seven Wangle sticks, a score pad, and instructions. Wangle is for three to eight players. The instructions also offer bonus play options and gameplay variations.

Is It Fun?

Wangle is like a cross between the games Gin Rummy and Spoons. We like that there are multiple ways to play the game. Players must be able to multitask, keeping one eye on the cards in their hand and the other eye on the Wangle sticks. The game also requires strategic thinking. Should you keep the card that was passed to you or give it away and hope the next card is the one you really want?

Who It’s For

Wangle is for ages 10 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Wangle is available at

For every Wangle game sold, Jesse James Games will donate 25 cents to the Wounded Warriors Project.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy