Elf Magic Review (Elf Magic)

What It Is

Elf Magic is a family Christmas tradition centered on a 10-inch stuffed elf who "visits" children during the holiday season. The visiting elf comes to life at night to embark on all kinds of adventures, or "Elfcapades", the remnants of which surprise children when they awake the next morning.

The tradition begins with a child writing a letter to Santa Claus requesting an Elf Magic friend to visit. Before going to bed, the child will place the elf's favorite snack of crackers and ice water on the kitchen counter to lure the elf. (Why crackers and water? It reminds the elves of their snowy home. The crackers sound like crunching snow and the water is melted North Pole snowflakes.) The stuffed elf character "magically" appears at the child's home between Thanksgiving and the days leading up to Christmas. An Elf Magic Elf comes with a poem and tips from Santa, explaining the tradition. The elf also brings North Pole "snowflakes" that the child sprinkles on the elf each night to bring him or her to life. Then, when everyone is asleep, the elf goes on Elfcapades, such as cookie baking, gift wrapping, or hiding in freezers. On Christmas Eve, the elf returns to the North Pole to help Santa deliver toys, and kids look forward to the next year when their elf will return.

There are 10 elf styles to choose from so that you can pick the gender, hair color, and skin tone of your elf. Each elf comes dressed in a red, white, and green outfit with a snowflake embroidered over its heart.

Is It Fun?

Creating family traditions around the holidays can be lots of fun and helps make memories that last a lifetime. The Elf Magic concept is one that families can experience together. Of course, the Elfcapades are only as good as the imaginations of Mom and Dad, who are the masterminds behind the whole Elf Magic experience. If you need inspiration, visit www.elf-magic.com and read about Elfcapades that other Elf Magic fans have done with their elves. For parents who are willing to invest the time and energy, this has the potential to create a memorable tradition that can last for several years.

Who It’s For

Elf Magic is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Elf Magic Elves are available in specialty toy stores and on www.elf-magic.com. Different outfits and accessories for the elves are also available and sold separately.

There are also six-inch Pocket Elves ($17) and 36-inch Giant Elves ($80) if you prefer a different size. These elves do not bring North Pole Snowflakes or a letter to the child and parents.

For those who celebrate Hanukkah, there are 10-inch Hanukkah Helpers, who come with snowflakes, care tips, and a poem.

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