The Magical Tale of Santa Dust-A Christmas Tradition Review (N & J Publishing)

What It Is

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust—A Christmas Tradition explains to children how Santa is able to find them and deliver their toys on Christmas Eve. The book tells the tale of two small children who fear that Santa won't visit them because their family doesn't have enough wood to keep the fire burning bright. But during the night, an elf leaves them magical dust that sparkles in the moonlight, catching Santa's eye.

Each book is sold with a red velvet pouch of "magical" Santa Dust (1/4 ounce of non-toxic glitter). On Christmas Eve, parents read the story to their children, then let the children sprinkle the Santa Dust up their driveway and along nearby streets, leading a path for Santa directly to their front door. Before going to bed, children hang the pouch on their tree and leave out milk and cookies for Santa.

The eight-inch by 10-inch book has 32 pages. It is written by Patricia Cardello and illustrated by Manuela Soriani.

Is It Fun?

Creating family traditions around the holidays can be lots of fun and helps make memories that last a lifetime. The Magical Tale of Santa Dust—A Christmas Tradition creates a tradition that families can experience together. Reading the story together and going outside to sprinkle Santa Dust has the potential to be a memorable tradition that can last for several years.

Who It’s For

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust—A Christmas Tradition and Santa Dust is for ages 3–10.

What To Be Aware Of

Parents will have to replace the dust/glitter every year. It's available from most craft stores.

We can't stress strongly enough that the glitter should be spread outside—unless you want to be attracting Santa until some time after Easter. Glitter is tough to get up from carpets, floors and furniture.

The book itself has some interesting punctuation and even a misspelled word. This may not seem like a big deal to some (As editors, we notice these things.), but we just wanted to point it out for those parents who are sticklers for this kind of thing.

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