Water Marbles Review (DuneCraft)

What It Is

With Water Marbles, kids take tiny, colorful balls and place them in water to watch them grow 200 times their size, about the size of a real marble. The kit comes with more than 3,000 safe and non-toxic Water Marbles to grow. Just add Water Marbles to water in a bowl or cup and, in less than a day, they will grow and expand. Once grown, kids will be able to see the Water Marbles' hot colors and unique patterns up close. Then kids can throw, roll, bounce, and catch the slippery and slick Water Marbles. Water Marbles can be used over and over again. To keep them hydrated, simply store them in a sealed plastic bag or container. You can also let them dry out and store them in a cool, dry place until you are ready to grow them in water again.

The instruction sheet explains the science behind how Water Marbles work and suggests different experiments kids can do with their Water Marbles, such as adding them to a cup filled with ginger ale and taking note of what happens. The instructions also explain the outcome of each experiment.

Is It Fun?

Growing the Water Marbles is easy to do and fun to watch. The bright colors and patterns coupled with the slippery, squishy texture will be appealing to most kids. Watching the Water Marbles grow is pretty cool, but there is science behind it, and we like that this kit explains the science to kids and suggests experiments to give a more hands-on, visual understanding.

Who It’s For

Water Marbles are for ages 4 and up. Younger kids will probably need supervision and guidance from parents. While younger kids will enjoy watching what happens to the Water Marbles during the different experiments, the scientific concepts might be over their heads.

What To Be Aware Of

The warmer the water, the faster the Water Marbles will hydrate.

The amount of water you add to the Water Marbles will determine how big they grow. A cup full of water will result in very large Water Marbles, while a smaller cup of water will produce smaller Water Marbles. The smaller ones will bounce more and last longer than the larger ones, which have a tendency to break apart more easily.

  • Fun

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