Tagamoto Enforcer Road Set Review (Innovation First)

What It Is

Tagamoto is an interactive and customizable motorized vehicle line from Innovation First, the company behind Hexbugs. Tagamoto cars zoom around the customizable track, as lights, sounds, and vehicle movements are activated by codes placed on the track pieces. Kids can modify their track layout and the placement of the codes so that the Tagamoto driving experience is different every time. Tagamoto motorized vehicles are powered by patented Hexbug Nano technology. There are 26 unique Tagamoto cars to collect, along with different sets to build your own track into a sprawling city landscape.

The Enforcer Road Set includes a red car called Blaze, a police car called Enforcer, and more than 65 easy-to-connect pieces, including parking spaces, a toll booth, and a stop sign. Both cars have real working headlights and taillights as well as more than 15 different sound effects, including an engine revving, car horn, and sirens. There are three different modes of play.

When you first turn on the cars, they are in Roads & Codes mode and will react to codes placed on the road. Codes might make a car turn on its headlights, stop, play a beatbox melody, or go a certain speed limit.

To turn the cars to Off Road mode, press the orange button on the underside of the cars for four seconds. In this mode, the cars can drive on any smooth surface without stopping to read codes.

For Free Roll mode, snap down the wheels so that the car rolls freely for non-motorized creative play.

Is It Fun?

Tagamoto is one cool vehicle line. Using the same technology that made Hexbugs so popular and fun to watch, Tagamoto brings customization and innovation to the toy car category. Kids will love creating their own track layouts and placing codes wherever they want to make the cars do lots of different actions.

Sometimes the cars end up not going the right way, and sometimes they inadvertently bump into each other. But that just adds to the fun as kids watch and wait to see what their Tagamoto cars will do next.

Who It’s For

The Tagamoto Enforcer Road Set is for ages 4 and up. Some of the stickers are really small, so parents may need to help younger kids put the stickers onto the accessory pieces.

What To Be Aware Of

Four button cell batteries are included.

This took us about 30 minutes to assemble. There are instructions that tell you on what accessories to put the stickers, but there are no instructions to tell you how to assemble the track pieces. You can either follow the picture of the completed track on the instruction sheet, which is pretty easy to do, or assemble the track pieces in any configuration you want.

Make sure you follow the instructions to correctly place the codes on the track, otherwise the codes will not work.

This set is available exclusively at Target.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Value

    4 Cell batteries required