Teddy's Day and Teddy's Night Review (Auryn Inc.)

What It Is

Teddy's Day and Teddy's Night are two Kirkus Star-award winning eBooks. These books take kids on a journey to discover what their favorite Teddy Bear does when they aren't looking.

In Teddy's Day, your child joins in on catching Teddy Bear doing all the things that the little girl in the story imagines that he does while she's at school. There are hidden surprises on each page. Your child's drawings turn into artwork on the walls. There is a fabulous keyhole moment where kids peek through the bedroom door trying to sneak a glimpse of Teddy at play. In the kitchen, kids play hide and seek watching Teddy pop out of unusual places. One hot spot we don't like is when kids tap the bookshelf and are taken to an ad for the second app in this review, Teddy's Night.

In the eBook Teddy's Night, Teddy Bear just doesn't want to sleep. The little girl in the story notices all the things that Teddy does and wishes him "Goodnight, Teddy Bear." It's a sweet story that ends with how Teddy takes care of the little girl and protects her while she sleeps. Most of the interactivity in the app is soft with bedtime-themed activities. Our kid testers enjoyed building with blocks, plus the pages for silly bathroom play, including getting carried away with popping bubbles and playing memory match in the bathtub.

Is It Fun?

From the first moment you open these eBooks, you will see why they are award winners. Each illustration comes to life, from the small movements of watching Teddy breathing when he's sleeping to getting a quick glimpse of him scurrying around a corner. These apps have some of the best animations we have seen in an eBook. Most importantly, there is no interactivity until the reading is done. Hot spots and motion on the screen brings the story to life and does nothing to detract from the story. There are many special moments in each of these eBooks, which makes them ones your child will enjoy listening to and playing with again and again.

Who It’s For

Both of these eBooks are rated 4 and up but are appropriate for all ages.

What To Be Aware Of

These eBooks are compatible with the iPad.

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  • Teddy's Day and Teddy's Night from Auryn Inc.
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  • Available April 25, 2012