GazziliScience Review (GazziliWorld)

What It Is

GazziliScience is the latest educational app from GazziliWorld. With this app, kids go on a journey through many of the science concepts young kids begin to notice and think about, such as why does it rain? How do plants grow? Why and how do the seasons change? In the app, kids progress through six science learning areas that teach through discovery and narration.

In the Five Senses game, kids learn along with Tyler as he uses his five senses at his grandma's house. The narrator describes how Tyler uses his sense of hearing, touch, smell, sight, and, at the end, taste, for eating his grandma's apple pie. All the familiar items on the screen are tappable to encourage kids to show understanding and get an experience using their senses.

In the Sink and Float game, kids use their knowledge of sinking and floating to help the character Purple get through the maze. When Purple gets stuck in the maze, choose from two objects: one that will help Purple sink to the bottom or float to the top. It's no big deal if kids choose the wrong object. The app shares why the object isn't correct, and kids can try the other object to see if it works.

As kids complete each game, they earn tools to help Purple build a contraption on the GazziliFun Page. This is a meaningful reward area that is not just play but also has a bit of learning in it.

Is It Fun?

This app does a great job of making science concepts both kid-friendly and fun. The only thing we ask for from this app is that more science games are added.

Who It’s For

GazziliScience is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

You'll notice a tweet button on the top of each page. The developer has added a settings button where parents can turn off the tweet button, but you will still see it on the screen.

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  • GazziliScience from GazziliWorld
  • Rated EC for Early Childhood
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  • Available August 29, 2012