GazziliShapes Review (GazziliWorld)

What It Is

GazziliShapes is a colorful app for young kids to play with shapes that can be found in their world. To get started, tap on the first unlocked game in the app. There are six activities that you have to play in order to unlock the complete app. Each game is short but good for repeat play once the whole app is unlocked. Then, follow the directions given in the game to learn about shapes. After you finish a game, you are taken to the GazziliFun Page where you get a new shape to add to the puzzle to reveal a complete picture.

Each game walks kids through a series of shape recognition activities, including tapping on shapes found in the kitchen to help make a batch of cookies, searching for shape jewels to construct a beautiful necklace, and dragging and dropping all the shape parts needed to finish a colorful spaceship. If you see the characters in the app start to sparkle, it means that the character has a little fact or question to share.

Is It Fun?

Following directions is an important skill reinforced in GazziliShapes. The app requires kids to listen to directions and respond by tapping or dragging correctly. Kids can also freely move objects around on the screen without pressure from the app to complete only one task.

Who It’s For

GazziliShapes is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This app is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

You'll notice a tweet button on the top of each page. This is a feature to be careful of with young kids. The developer has added a settings option where parents can turn off the tweet function, but you will still see the button on the screen.

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  • GazziliShapes from GazziliWorld
  • Rated EC
  • Available on: iOS
  • Available August 24, 2012