Battleship Zapped Movie Edition Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

Battleship Zapped: Movie Edition is an app-game for iPad that uses miniature Battleship toys to control the game. Players place one of the Battleships on the iPad's screen and the game will recognize it, turning that ship into the controller and the iPad into an interactive game board.

The iPad's crisp screen makes a great game-board and Battleship Zapped splits that board into two distinct areas. Most of the game area is comprised of the ocean, which is where players control the direction and movements of the different ships. The top of the screen becomes the tactical area and features radar (for locating alien ships) and a binocular view, which gives players a ship's eye view of the surrounding seas. Players navigate the seas by moving the toy ship around the iPad in a hunt for the invading aliens.

There are multiple missions which are accessed by spinning the globe on the main page. Every time a mission is completed, the next mission is unlocked in a different region of the globe. Each mission requires a specific ship and each ship has a unique weapon. My favorite is the Aircraft Carriers ability to launch fighter-planes from its flight deck to perform an Air Strike on the alien vessels.

Is It Fun?

The game bears no resemblance to the classic Battleship game; it is much more of a classic shooter video game play. Still, kids will enjoy the adventure and the excitement of the various missions and challenges.

Who It’s For

Kids as young as 5 should be able to play this game with a little bit of practice but it's really going to be most fun for kids around the age of 8.

What To Be Aware Of

The app is free and can be downloaded through the App Store. The Zapped kit includes 3 classic Battleship game ships and 3 battle cards.

Controlling the game is relatively easy and the figures maintain contact with the game by applying slight pressure. It might take younger kids some practice to master the right amount of pressure. Also, it can take a while to get oriented on the ocean and players might find themselves searching for an alien for a long time if they head in the wrong direction.

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