Duo Pinball Review (Discovery Bay Games)

What It Is

Duo Pinball is an electronic device that holds your iPad and turns it into a digital pinball machine. The device works with the Pinball HD collection app, which features multiple pinball games. All you do is download the free app then lock your iPad into Duo and you have an instant pinball table.

Is It Fun?

No matter how much fun a digital pinball game is, it can't replicate the feeling of hitting the flippers or launching the ball with the spring-loaded lever. Duo Pinball combines those real-world tactile elements with a plethora of digital pinball tables to give you a real arcade-style game on your iPad.

The Duo Pinball device uses Bluetooth to communicate with an iPad. That communication is seamless and there is no lag between pressing the flipper buttons and seeing them react on the screen. You will forget that you are even playing on an iPad.

Who It’s For

Duo Pinball is a clever combination of old-school arcade action and contemporary digital technology. Anyone of any age that enjoys playing pinball will enjoy it.

What To Be Aware Of

The Pinball HD app comes with one free pinball table and lots of additional tables that you can buy for .99 and up to $2.99.

Since the Duo device uses Bluetooth to communicate with the iPad, make sure you have Bluetooth on (in the iPad's setting) and the Duo device is connected. The Duo Pinball device works exclusively with the Pinball HD app and won't work with other pinball app games. Considering the price of the device ($60) it would be nice if it worked with other games.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 AA batteries required