Rockin’ Math Review (Educational Insights)

What It Is

In the educational board game Rockin' Math, it takes more than songs, style, and fans to be a rock star. It takes math. The object of this game is to correctly answer three questions at each venue and be the first to reach the International Music Awards.

All players start on the number one spot in the Garage Band venue on the game board. (The game board is actually the interior of one half of the guitar-shaped game box.) Players take turns drawing a Garage Band question card and attempting to answer the question correctly. All the questions are math-related word problems that must be solved. For example, "Your band's new song, 'Recess Princess', had 27 bars of music. Each bar of music had four beats. How many beats of music were in the entire song?" (The correct answer is 108.) If you answer the question correctly, you move to the number two spot in the Garage Band venue. On your next turn, you'll have to correctly answer another question to move to the number three spot. If you answer another question correctly, you move to the second venue, Recording Studio, where you must answer another three questions correctly to move to the next venue, and so on. The other venues are Glitz Mall, Release Party, Rock Relief, and the International Music Awards. If you incorrectly answer a question, you remain in your current spot on the game board.

You may encounter special cards during the game, such as Private Pass Cards. Each Private Pass Card (Customized Ride Pass, Stretch Limo Pass, Private Tour Bus Pass, and Private Helicopter Pass) allows you to skip directly to the first spot in the next venue as long as you have correctly answered at least one question in your current venue.

Action Cards offer players a choice to either do what the card says, such as invent one completely new dance move and perform it for your opponents, or choose the next card in the set.

Players might also encounter cards that tell them to go back one spot.

The game comes with a game board, four star-shaped game pieces, 200 guitar pick-shaped question cards (split into five color-coded categories of 40 cards each), and a stretch limo-shaped card holder. Rockin' Math is for two to four players.

Is It Fun?

Rockin' Math helps kids practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, percentages, fractions, and more. It can also be a great refresher for parents. Kids who have an interest in math will enjoy playing this game, and the rock band theme might also appeal to kids who are interested in music.

Who It’s For

Rockin' Math is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

You will also need to have scratch paper and pencil on hand to work out math problems.

Kids who find math difficult may find this game frustrating, but it could be useful in a more structured learning situation for such kids.

Educational Insights says that the math problems in Rockin' Math are based on common core state standards for grades 3–4.

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