Robo Fish Review (Zuru)

What It Is

Pet fish are a lot of fun, but there's one problem: they don't live very long. But with Robo Fish, kids can have all the fun of a pet fish without having to worry about keeping the water temperature in the fish bowl just right, feeding the fish, or mourning the death of Fishy. Robo Fish are electronic fish that swim just like a real fish thanks to their lifelike tail fin motion. These fish have a water-activated swimming mechanism. Just place a Robo Fish in water and it automatically turns on. To turn off Robo Fish, take it out of the water and dry it with a soft, clean cloth.

Robo Fish are sold individually for about $9.99. There are eight styles. Each comes with a display stand.

You can also purchase the Robo Fish Fish Bowl, which retails for $19.99 and comes with a shark Robo Fish. The Fish Bowl can hold up to four liters of water. Just fill it with water and let the fish swim.

Is It Fun?

Watching the Robo Fish swim around is really cool because these electronic fish really do mimic the movements of real fish. With Robo Fish, kids can have the fun and entertainment of a pet fish without having to worry about feeding it or having the fish die. It's really more fun when you have multiple fish swimming, so you'll definitely want to collect two or three Robo Fish.

Who It’s For

Robo Fish are for ages 3 and up. The Fish Bowl is made of plastic and can get pretty heavy when filled to capacity with water. Parents will need to help young children fill and carry the bowl.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Robo Fish comes loaded with two button cell batteries and includes an extra two button cell batteries. The Fish Bowl also comes with four button cell batteries.

Make sure to fill the Fish Bowl up to the blue line. Robo Fish swim better in deep water.

To preserve battery life, make sure to remove the Robo Fish from the water when playtime is over.

Robo Fish are available at CVS stores.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Value

    2 Cell batteries required