Goo Hu Cushie Critters Review (RoseArt)

What It Is

Goo Hu is part science experiment and part bouncing toy. Each Goo Hu kit comes with two silicone-based modeling compounds. When kept apart, the compounds remain gooey, but once combined, the compounds turn into a rubbery, bouncy, and flexible form that won't shrink, crack, break, or lose its bounce.

The Cushie Critters kit lets kids create a puppy, kitty, or bird to add to the top of their pencils and pens. Choose which color of the A-Matter you want to use, and which character mold. Then combine that A-Matter pod with one B-Matter pod. Knead them together for at least two minutes or until they are fully mixed. Separate the mixed matter into two separate balls. Press one ball into the mold half with the core-pin. Push in the core-pin to create a hole so that your critter will sit on top of a pencil or pen. Add the remaining mixed matter to the other half of the mold. Press the two mold halves together. Peel away any excess Goo Hu immediately. Let the two mold halves set for 10-15 minutes. Open the mold, slide the core-pin out, and remove the critter.

The kit includes five A-Matter pods, five B-Matter pods, three critter molds, and an instruction sheet.

Is It Fun?

Goo Hu combines crafting with chemistry, allowing children to use their imagination to create unique toy shapes and forms with relative ease. The finished product is really cute and gives kids a squishy, bouncy critter to top their pens and pencils.

Who It’s For

Goo Hu Cushie Critters is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Goo Hu kits include two Super Bounce Balls kits in different colors, Squish Bugs, and Bounce & Crash Racers. Each is sold separately.

The process is pretty easy, although it was a little difficult to press the two mold halves together, mainly because the excess compound got in the way and made it hard to tell if we had the mold halves correctly aligned. Once you remove the excess, quickly check and fix the alignment of the mold halves before the compound inside the mold completely cures.

It's important to read through all instructions before you start, and make sure you're working on a clean, flat area. Have a timer, watch, or clock with a second hand to track mixing and curing times.

If your Cushie Critter does not seem fully cured at the end of the 10-15 minutes, keep the mold closed and wait five more minutes. Sometimes Goo Hu that was not thoroughly mixed will take longer to cure. For best results, leave Goo Hu to cure overnight.

Unmixed and uncured product may stain. Keep away from materials that cannot be laundered. Wash hands after use.

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