Doctor Who Monopoly 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Review (USAopoly)

What It Is

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the TV series Doctor Who, USAopoly is releasing the Doctor Who Monopoly 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition. This themed version of Monopoly plays like the original version but with some custom Doctor Who rules.

The object of Doctor Who Monopoly is to be the only player left in the game after everyone else has gone bankrupt. To do this, buy properties and charge other players rent for landing on them. Collect groups of properties to increase the rent, then build houses and hotels to boost your income. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their token clockwise around the board the number of spaces shown on the dice. Follow the directions on whatever space you land. Like in regular Monopoly, you might have to pay another player rent, have the opportunity to purchase a space, go to jail, or collect $200 for passing Go.

But there are special Doctor Who-themed spaces. Each square on the board represents a different episode instead of a property, such as the End of Time Part 2 and A Good Man Goes to War.

The GALLIFREY or U.N.I.T. spaces prompt the player to take the top card from the appropriate pile and follow the instructions on the card. You might collect money for solving the mystery of the sea foam at the Euro Sea Gas Control Station or get out of jail free.

If you land on the Car Tax/Sonic Screwdriver spaces, you must pay the bank the amount shown.

The TARDIS spaces replace the traditional railroad spaces.

The six playing pieces also have something to do with the Doctor Who show. The collectible tokens are in the shape of the Seventh Doctor's Umbrella, the Second Doctor's Recorder, the Fifth Doctor's Celery, the Eleventh Doctor's Bow, the Sonic Screwdriver, and the Fourth Doctor's Scarf.

Doctor Who Monopoly comes with a gameboard, six tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 U.N.I.T. cards, 16 Gallifrey cards, a pack of Monopoly money, 32 houses, 12 hotels, and two dice. The game is for two to six players.

Is It Fun?

Doctor Who fans will enjoy remembering favorite episodes as they move around the board in this themed game. If you've played the original Monopoly before, the Doctor Who version will be familiar to you. And if you're a fan of Doctor Who, you'll enjoy the extra game features that make this Monopoly game such a great collector's edition.

Who It’s For

Dr. Who Monopoly is for Dr. Who fans ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If you are already an experienced Monopoly player and want a faster game, the instructions come with rules for a Speed Play version of the game that will take between 60-90 minutes.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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