Moon Shoes Review (Big Time Toys)

What It Is

Moon Shoes are like mini trampolines for your feet. The shoes have anti-gravity effects, so as kids walk and jump, it feels like they're walking on the moon. These lightweight shoes are made of high-density plastic with adjustable Velcro nylon closure straps. Moon Shoes feature a self-centering shoe platform with non-skid grip surface. The Moon Shoes come with two bases, two shoe platforms, 50 rubber bands, and an instruction sheet.

Is It Fun?

While the feel of walking and jumping in Moon Shoes is cool, Moon Shoes are not regular shoes. Kids will need to take time to get comfortable wearing Moon Shoes and walking around in them before they immediately take off jumping in them. Taking the time to get used to wearing them will help prevent injury. It's also recommended that kids wear covered-top sports shoes when wearing Moon Shoes.

Who It’s For

Moon Shoes are for ages 7 and up. There is a maximum weight limit of 160 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult assembly is required. It will take you at least 30 minutes to assemble both shoes. Be careful when stretching the bands. It's recommended that you hook a thumb into each end of the band and pull and press down over the holding post. Hold the band away from your eyes.

The directions tell you how many bands you will need based on your child's weight. Make sure to follow these instructions to prevent injury.

The elastic bands come coated in a white lotion-like substance. Big Time Toys says this is so they don't dry out and stay elastic longer. It's also supposed to make it easier to stretch the bands onto the Moon Shoes. We thought it made the bands kind of greasy, and we ended up with the white stuff all over our hands.

The package says that the maximum shoe size that can fit in Moon Shoes is a men's size 9. However, we tried this out wearing a woman's size 6.5 and our toes were touching the front of the Moon Shoes, so we're not really sure how a men's size 9 would be able to fit in these.

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