Pocket Disc Review (Phd Productions)

What It Is

The Pocket Disc is a 100-percent cotton indoor/outdoor Frisbee alternative. It is available in Sports or Indoor versions in a variety of colors and patterns. The Sports Pocket Discs are heavier, fly farther, and are geared more toward outdoor play. The Indoor Pocket Discs are smaller, thinner, easier to catch, and more appropriate for little kids and indoor play. The Indoor Pocket Discs can be used outside, but they won't perform as well on windy days, whereas the Sports versions cut through wind much better.

Because the Pocket Disc is soft, kids can use it inside without worrying about breaking something or marking up the walls. These soft discs are also easy to stuff in a pocket or bag so that kids can take it on the go. There are a variety of games that can be played with Pocket Discs, such as Indoor Disc Golf, Pocket Disc Bowling, Bounce and Toss, and Duck Huntin'. Pocket Discs also have a variety of uses: cobweb cleaner, drink cozy, soft seat, and more. Kids can make up their own games and uses and submit their ideas online at www.pocketdisc.com for a chance to win a free Pocket Disc.

Is It Fun?

The Pocket Disc is so versatile, kids may never run out of ways to play with and use their Pocket Disc. And because you can stuff a Pocket Disc in a bag or pocket, kids can play with the Pocket Disc wherever they go. Whether playing a traditional game of toss and catch (indoors or outdoors) or creating their own way to play, kids will have fun playing and getting active with the Pocket Disc.

Who It’s For

The Pocket Disc is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Pocket Discs are machine washable. The dyes are "colorfast", which means they won't bleed if the Pocket Disc gets wet.

Although safe for indoor use, kids will want to get permission from parents to play in a particular room.

Phd Productions says that for best flying results, give the Pocket Disc a good wrist snap.

Pocket Discs are produced under fair trade standards by artisans in Central America who crochet them.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy